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Getting Naughty

I went and splurged on this nice classy outfit today, but when I got home, I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I don't know what came over me, but I was in such a wild mood that I pulled out some scissors, and just started...snip, snip, snipping away! First to go was the top, so I could let my big boobs out for some air. Then the pants, rear, and finally my sexy pussy-stick! I was getting crazy with those scissors, toying my asshole, and pinching my nipples with them. Will I even snip off my ladyboy womanhood? You'll have to see to find out!

A little bit about Areeya
Q- Tell us what kind of guys you like!
A- I'm into anyone with a good heart, who's fun, and has a sense of humor.
Q- Ok, lets talk about sex. What's your favorite toy?
A- Vegetables!
Q- What is your favorite position?
A- Missionary. I love being on the bottom, but I can do anything you like.
Q- What are you doing tonight?
A- If you come to Thailand, you will know every night. If there's anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask anytime. Email me, or catch me on my webcam when it's online!

The White Dress

I am a perfect addition to this elegant antique room in my naughty white outfit. I just love my new white leather boots and how sexy my fishnet stockings look as the flow up my creamy legs just short of my little skirt. I am sure you are curious on what is under my white hot skirt? I hope you like sexy surprises cause there is more then just a hot pair of thong panties under there. I can feel my nipples pushing through my tight top. I am getting horny in these clothes and really needs to shoot a warm rush of cum into my wine glass. Perhaps you will join me for a drink? I would love for you to have a taste of me.

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