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Petite, sweet and full of attitude, Amy IS Ladyboy perfection. Beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous face and full C cup tits, Amy would fool anyone with her swaying hips and amazing body. Amy likes to take turns being in control in the bedroom. Sometimes dominate, dressed in sexy role playing and amazing vinyl fetish outfits. Other times Amy gets off being a submissive sex slave, wearing only skimpy lingerie. Amy LOVES to be held down and fucked HARD. A vast collection of Amy photo sets and videos awaits you inside. Amy is truly a Ladyboy SUPERSTAR.

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'1" (155cm)
WEIGHT: 106lbs (48kg) SHOES: 38
COCK: 5 Inches (12cm)
FAVORITE TOY: Beaded Glass

Amy loves to submit to big cocks. It turns Amy on when guys are confident and direct with her. Amy once had a 10 man gangbang and CAN'T WAIT to do it again!
Some of Amy's Video
Blowjob Maid
Dress as a cute maid, Amy orally worships her favorite cock, bathing the hot shaft with her pink tongue. Amy doesn't...
Dildo Pleasures
Amy suck on her purple dildo, fantasizing it's a new tasty cock. Amy loves the cock, and closes her eyes and imagines...
Hardcore Anal
Amy sucks and fucks a total stranger! Amy licks and sucks the salty shaft, then lays on the bed with her head down...


A teenage Ladyboy? We could hardly believe it ourselves. Lee is shy and sweet, with natural petite tits and a slender tight body. Lee loves to wear teenage mall clothes and cute outfits, and gets turned on by knowing all the guys are looking at her. But don't let those sweetheart looks fool you. Lee is an insatiable teen Ladyboy who EASILY submits her ass for HARDCORE training. Lee excitedly lowers her head, and raises her PETITE ASS high in the air. Her body tingles in anticipation, waiting for the ass pounding she's about to receive. Lee also loves the taste of cum and being held down and used for pleasure. WOW!

AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5'4" (162cm)
WEIGHT: 101lbs (46kg) SHOES: 39
COCK: 4 Inches (11cm)
FAVORITE TOY: Purple Dildo

Lee LOVES dancing at clubs and picking up strong older men. Shaking that petite ass in low rider jeans and sweetly looking up with those GORGEOUS green eyes.
Some of Lee's Video
Pink Stockings
Lee impales her tight Ladyboy asshole on a hard cock! The walls of Lee's ass stretch as the fat cockhead SPLITS her...
Soda Teen
Having just finished a Soda, Lee is feeling a little kinky. The shaft of the bottle reminds her of a long cock, so...
Cumfilled Mouth
Ladyboy teen with a mouthful of HOT CUM! Lee looks up at you submissively with those beautiful green eyes, wanting...
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Beautiful. Wild. Sexy. Wawa embodies everything magical about Ladyboys. Wawa is fun and flirtatious, with full soft lips, long sexy legs and a tight sweet ass. When Wawa smiles at you with her cute braces and that mischievous look in her sparkling green eyes, you know you're in for the time of your life! When not starring in one of the most popular Cabaret shows in Thailand, Wawa is eager to give and receive pleasure for you on LadyboyGold. Wawa LOVES wrapping her lips around her favorite cock and savoring every salty drop.

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'8" (172cm)
WEIGHT: 112lbs (51kg) SHOES: 40
COCK: 6 Inches (16cm)

Creamy white skin, Wawa dreams of traveling to Japan to work as a Geisha. Wawa’s just not sure she can keep that insatiable wild side at bay long enough to perform her duties!
Some of Wawa's Video
Red Lingerie
Wawa playfully spreads her elastic butthole during a photo shoot! Sexy and fun, Wawa is all about having a good time...
Open Wide
Kneeling submissively, Ladyboy Wawa was born to suck cock. Looking up at you with those beautiful eyes and...
Oiled Up Ass
Wawa applies sexy baby oil to her Ladyboy cock and asshole! Every inch of her foxy body is address and made slick...
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