Long Mint

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Hi guys, I'm Mint, a slim and sexy Asian girl from Thailand, with an extra large surprise hiding in my panties. 9 inches in fact! I enjoy showing off my tight hard body, trying on different outfits, getting naughty and turning guys on all over the world, and trust me, I know what guys like.
Cum inside and watch me suck my own cock and even fuck my own ass in crystal clear high resolution pictures and HD widescreen videos. See me enjoying role play, messing around with some of my favorite toys and even playing with some of my friends. You've gotta see it to believe it!

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Mint and You

I was lying around in my lingerie, feeling a little horny when a friend of mine came over. Instead of covering up I decided to let him in and let him see me laying there in my sexy outfit, spread on the couch. He was speechless and just stood there drooling. He had such a large bulge in his jeans, it was obvious he needed some relief.. I began to tease him a little, touching my body as I watched his bulge grow. Finally I was too horny and started rubbing his cock. He didn’t object when I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and took out

Shower Dildo

I had a wet dream about you last night and woke up feeling so hot and sweaty. I went to take a cold shower to cool off but I still couldn’t shake that horny feeling. Being such a naughty girl I always keep my shower dildo ready for action.. With the shower cream running down my curves and into my ass as I spread my cheeks and lathered up my rock hard clit, I started thinking of you again. I slowly stroked my big wet cock and I glided my spread ass over the wet and ready dildo until it was all the way inside me. It didn’t take ...

A little bit about Long Mint...
Q- So, Mint, where were you born?
A- I was born in Phattalung, South Thailand
Q- And what is your star sign? And How old are you?
A- I'm 23 years old and my star sign is Pieces.
Q- What are your measurements?
A- My most important measurement is 9 inches. I think you know what that is.
Q- Are you single?
A- Yes. I love to be free and do everything I want when I want, but I always hope one day I will find love

Black Leather

They say blondes have more fun but I think you’ll find curly hair makes you more kinky, or at least it has that effect on me.. Or maybe it’s all this leather that’s getting me into such a spicy mood. Either way, I’m like a bitch on heat right now and I’ve got you in my sights. Watch me prowl around my room and show off this figure hugging leather Basque. When you see me in these high heeled leather boots you’ll know that I’m looking for trouble.. Let me give you a little taste of just how kinky I can be with some help from one ...

The Beach

I'm such a beach bum, I love the fact you can do so much and wear so little and I never get tired of all those guys and girls checking out my tall slim body, if only they knew about the big surprise I'm hiding....In fact I love going topless and feeling the salty sea breeze brushing over my body, getting my nipples nice and hard. I got so turned on today, I wish I hadn't gone to the beahc alone.. I know this one spot, down behind the bushes, where i can take care of my frustration. It's very quiet, I can strip off my bikini ...

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