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The Naughty Nurse And Patient

The sexy nurse was busting out of her uniform as she went in to check on her patient. His dick popped straight up at the sight of the beautiful nurse in front of him. He wanted to penetrate her tight holes in the worst way. As they began oral sex on each other, the patient got the shock of his life to find a hard cock attached to the beautiful woman. Although she was so beautiful, he didn't mind. He rammed her tight ass and fucked the shemales huge tits until he came all over them.

The Wedding Night

The bride and groom just got married and like all married couples should, they saved their virginity for the wedding night. He had never seen his beautiful bride nude before and he finally got to bury his face inside of her massive titties. She began giving her new husband a blowjob when her own erection popped out of her panties. Much to the husband's surprise, his new wife was a man. But he loved her anyway so he sucked her off and let her fuck him in the ass.

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Shemale's Massive Surprise

After school, my girl and I decided to go over to my place and study. Yeah, right; we went over there because my parents were gone, and we could fuck! We're not your ordinary schoolgirls, and not because we don't look cute and have perky tits. It's because we both have dicks to go along with these bodies! We got naked, and I grabbed a hold of her dick to milk it for her. She felt something massive pushing back against her, and had no idea what she was in for. I never showed her my dick before, but when I did, her jaw hit the floor! I mean, hers is a nice size and everything, and I love sucking on it and making her cum on my face, but there was no way she could possibly do the same with my dick! In fact, my cock is so big, that she could actually fuck it with hers, which is exactly what she did! What a smart babe. It actually felt really good to have her in there, and just as she shot her load, I exploded and covered the room with my cream. I'm glad she likes it, because she'll be seeing plenty more of it soon enough!